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Light City, London
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We are working on:

Synergetech Integrations (Furthering Bitcoin)

Post to Blockchain

Post permanently, write indelibly, prove copyright, own your data, lock & timestamp content.

Mint NFTs & Tokens

Create NFT’s, access tokens and other web 3.0 media directly from WordPress or Magento.

PPV Browser Extension

A pay per view browser extension that allows websites to frictionlessly charge to access a website or its content.

We have just finished:

Bitcoin SV's Website
Content, Architecture and a Full Redesign

Repackaged Brand

Repackaged the brand digitally for increased awareness, publicity, marketability and adoption.

360 Degree Content

Bitcoin's history, its environmental impact, how it works, tools to use, news, social media and its ecosystem.

Live Demos

Allowing visitors to mint a range of Bitcoin-based tokens including NFTs, and send real-time transactions.